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If you're looking for for Quality Handyman Services

in the Greater Edmonton Region, look no further!


Sometimes you're not sure what to do,

or wondering if doing something is worth the cost.


is about costs vs benefits...


So start with a phone conversation,

and follow that with a FREE on-site consultation.


Wanting the BEST PRICE for your home

when you put it on the market?


Needing REPAIRS after a Home Inspection?

Is your new home in need of a bit of TLC?


Let US

Take Care

Of It All For You!

Framing, Drywalling, and Painting

  • Patch damaged walls
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Widen entryways and passageways
  • Adjust/replace doors/closet hardware
  • Closet enlargement or additions
  • Install closet organizers
  • Add pet doors
  • Assemble bookcases
  • Mount wall shelves/mirrors/pictures
  • Insulate/weatherize garage or basement

Plumbing and Fixtures

  • Toilet, sink, or faucet replacement
  • Unclog drains
  • Fix leaky toilet tanks
  • Repair drain and water line leaks
  • Install grab bars or hardware
  • Replace fixtures or showerheads
  • Replace/add stop valves at sinks/toilets
  • Install, unjam, or replace garburators
  • Fix caulking

HVAC and HRV Basic Maintenance

  • Replace filters (furnace/HRV/rangehood)
  • Replace floor and intake vents
  • Fix dryer venting
  • Upgrade thermostats

Decks and Fences/Gates

  • Build new and/or repair/extend decks
  • Add or repair railings or stairs
  • Add or repair wood fences or gates
  • Pressure-wash and stain decks

Electrical and Fixtures

  • Troubleshoot electrical issues
  • Replace switches and dimmers
  • Add new switches to new locations (3-Way)
  • Fix reversed polarity outlets
  • Add GFCI or AFCI functionality to wall outlets
  • Upgrade lights to LEDs (including pot lights)
  • Replace light fixtures
  • Swap lights to motion/night-controlled
  • Replace ceiling and exhaust fans
  • Fix or replace doorbells
  • Install Christmas lights (ladder-reachable)
  • Terminate existing cable and internet wiring
  • Install TV mounts

Cabinetry and Millwork

  • Adjust or replace cabinet hinges/hardware
  • Add or replace upper cabinets or shelves
  • Add organizers
  • Convert kitchen garbage bins to pull-out type
  • Refurbish door/drawer fronts
  • Repair or upgrade millwork
  • Baseboards/trims & crown mouldings
  • Upgrade counter backsplash (tiles)
  • Install garage/closet or cabinetry organizers
  • Add storage solutions
  • Organize and/or finish basement

Curb Appeal Improvements

  • Pressure wash exterior surfaces and gutters
  • Bug screen repair & Blinds installation
  • Add glass treatments (frosted/privacy films)
  • Add anti-skid tape/coatings to stairs or slabs

Drafting Services and City Permits

  • Get City Permits for renovations
  • Produce plan drawings & signage
  • Architectural Designs where required
  • Coordinate inspections as per City rules
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