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We've all got a "HoneyDo" list:

Give us yours and we'll get it DONE!

MyHoneyDoList was established in 2017, but I’ve been doing “Handyman” work since my teenage years… My dad had a construction company and I worked with him during summers (and full time after college) learning every trade I could. Then I joined the Military and trained as an electronics technician (Radar & Telecommunications). Once posted here in Edmonton I got married and left the military to take on a job retraining adults to become electronics repair techs.


I’ve since worked in other industries (Insurance & Investments) and as a technician with both Shaw and Telus, eventually deciding to get back to working in the construction industry – this time on the design side by taking courses in Computer Assisted Drafting. I worked with builders and personal clients, designing new homes or tweaking reno projects but, through it all, I was always “that guy” that everyone calls on to help fix stuff for friends and relatives. All for free (well, maybe for a good meal, lol!). That’s because I’ve always found it rewarding to figure out how things work and how to fix them, and doing that while helping someone else has always been a kick… So eventually my wife asked the obvious question: why not set things up to get paid for it?


If you’ll take a peek at our website you’ll see a full description of the kinds of services I can offer as well as a transparent, no-nonsense pricing structure: regardless of the type of work you need done, your cost will come down to one of 3 GROUPS: a half-hour job; a half-day job; a full-day job. Cram as much work as you need done within that group, and your price is set!


I’ve been lucky enough to meet with lots of clients who were so ecstatic with my services that they’d elect to call me back on multiple occasions to do more work for them, or to refer me to their friends and relatives, and to write nice things about me like “Jacques is a problem solver” or “goes the extra mile” or “pays attention to details” or “even my dog likes him”...


So check out You'll be happy you did!

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